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  • Clearwater Bay

    1.5 hours from Central

    Sai Kung is famous for its beautiful and popular beaches. Located at the Clear Water Bay Peninsula, First Beach is famous for its good water quality and beautiful scenery. A wide range of facilities are also provided on the beach.


    Repulse Bay

    1.5 hours from Central | 2.5 hours from Aberdeen

    Repulse Bay is cloaked in history, originally a location where pirates traded with mainland China. It is now one of the most desirable places to live & visit in Hong Kong. Many consider Repulse Bay to be Hong Kong’s most popular beach destination. Repulse Bay’s spectacular views & calm waters make it a great choice as your destination when chartering one of our junks.


    Lamma Island

    1.5 hours from Central | 0.5 hours from Aberdeen

    Sham Wan Beach on Lamma Island is best known as the only regular nesting site for Green Turtles in the South China Sea. From June 1 to October 31, this sandy beach is cordoned off and no visitors are allowed. However, once the nesting period is over, this beautiful turtle beach is open to the public. Its remote location, soft white sand, and clear waters make it a perfect spot to spend a day relaxing.


    Cheung Chau

    1.1 hours from Central | 1 hour from Aberdeen

    There are two main beaches on Cheung Chau: Tung Wan Beach and Kwun Yam Beach. Although they are not as big as the well-known beaches along the Hong Kong Island coast, they do have their own unique qualities. Kwun Yam Beach is a beautiful fine white sand beach situated on the east coast of Cheung Chau. The water quality is pristine and it is classified as a Grade 1 beach. It provides many water sports facilities, particularly for windsurfing fanatics, and is a particularly good location to enjoy the extra actives that Hong Kong Junks can offer.


    Lantau Island

    1.5 hours from Central | 1.5 hours from Aberdeen

    Lantau Island, located west of Hong Kong Island, offers a wide range of charter destinations. Hong Kong Junks can take you to an extensive network of inlets, bays and beaches that suit your needs. Lantau Island is a popular destination due to its diverse beaches & views.


    Deepwater Bay

    1.5 hours from Central | 30 mins from Aberdeen

    Deepwater Bay is located on the southern shore of Hong Kong Island. It is a very popular beach destination among locals given its chilled vibe which allows you to rest and bask in the peace and tranquility of this historic location.


    Stanley Bay

    2 hours from Central | 1.5 hours from Aberdeen

    Stanley Bay is renowned for it two glorious beaches: Stanley Main Beach and St. Stephen’s Beach. Stanley is a fantastic destination for those who want to enjoy the extra activities that Hong Kong Junks has to offer, as it is the most popular destination for windsurfers, wakeboarders and other water sport enthusiasts. With netted perimeters to protect swimmers, both these beaches provide a safe and relaxing location to swim and enjoy the view.



    1 hour from Central | 1.5 hours from Aberdeen

    The ShekO peninsula is a popular day trip destination. Quaint ShekO Village attracts sun seekers and families to its casual open-air eateries and its beach, dotted with barbecue pits. Hikers hit popular trails like the Dragon’s Back, in ShekO Country Park, or head to the more remote coastal cliffs of Cape d’Aguilar, to the south. Big Wave Bay is a known surf spot, and home to a prehistoric rock carving.


    Harbour Cruise

    15 mins from Central / 1 hour from Aberdeen

    If you thought Victoria Harbour was a dazzling cityscape on its own, hang around for A Symphony of Lights. The multimedia show has set the harbour ablaze every night since 2004, and is recognised as one of the world’s most spectacular light shows. It has become the signature icon for Hong Kong, showcasing the vibrancy and glamorous night vista of the city.


  • Lamma - Yung Shue Wan/ Sok Kwu Wan

    1.5 hours from Central | 0.5 hours from Aberdeen

    With the majority of Lamma Island restaurants and bars situated in Yung Shue Wan, Lamma has an abundance of seafood restaurants and vegetarian and international options that are well worth the stopover.


    Po Toi

    1 hour from Aberdeen

    Po Toi is the southernmost island in Hong Kong. And because of its location, it’s often referred to as the “South Pole of Hong Kong“. This scarcely inhabited island is best known for its peculiar rock formations and rock carvings. Stop off for a delicious seafood lunch before heading to South Bay or Deep Water Bay for a swim.


    Lei Yu Mun

    0.5 hour from Central

    The fishing village of Lei Yue Mun is a slice of old Hong Kong alive and well in the modern metropolis. It gained a reputation as a good spot for alfresco seafood dining from the 60s. It'll definitely be worth your trip over there even just for a feast of seafood! And the ordering method is quite unique too: first you buy your fish from a tank in a market stall; then you take it to one of the nearby restaurants, which will prepare it for a fee. Overall, the price is reasonable and the seafood is very fresh.